About KeyData


Keydata Albania is the first real estate private index in Albania, a product offered by Çelësi sh.p.k with the support of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).

Gazeta Çelësi, as the largest market of economic transactions, since its start in 1998 until the end of 2018, has published about 8,100,000 announcements, 65% of which are related to the real estate market. This 20-year experience and unique Albanian database has been made available to KeyData Albania in order to extract the index and important statistics for the real estate market.

EBRD after identifying the demand for this project for the Albanian market, and Çelësi’s reliability and trustworthiness, decided to support this project by offering their expertise in selecting and applying certified methodologies in calculating the real estate index.


Respond to market demand by offering a product for those looking to better position themselves in the Albanian real estate market:

  • Published indices on a quarterly and annual basis accompanied by statistics on the variables that characterize real estate property including: property typology, property condition, structural standards, geographical area and sales volume and intensity.


• Real data provided by property sale announcements published at Gazeta Çelësi
• Period under consideration: 2005 Q1 – 2018 Q4 and onwards
• Base year: 2005 Q1

• Applied methodology:

  1. Time dummy
  2. The method of constant qualities

• Adjustment based on the inflation rate